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Dr. Abate,
(...) The chauffer was the BEST thing that happened to us in Rome. He knew where to go and how to get there the quickest. He was so nice and professional, and he was fearless when he was driving. We ate porchetta sandwiches together on our tour and by the end of the week, I was understanding and speaking some Italian words and we communicated much better. Even when I couldn't explain things to him, he knew what to do. Like on our wedding day, when the photographer was LATE and the driver, of course, was early because he is awesome, he found the photographer by phone using my itinerary (which was in English) and they arrived 2 minutes later with his help. Bob and I LOVED him. He was even telling the photographer and videographer how to get to the next location the quickest and they ended up just following him. He and his son were so fun to ride with (his son is a great driver too), and we were laughing throughout most of the ride on our wedding day.  (...). Thank you for all your help and recommendations and fabulous service (you can quote us on that!  Prof. Rozycki

 Rome: no other town has such beautiful surroundings!

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