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Car service + online FORM = Efficient service

We of "Roman Homes®" were the first to introduce this online service in Italy, the quality of our service is still unmatched.


HOW IT WORKS: Once you will fill-in the form and you click "submit", it will arrive at "Roman Homes®". We will check that all data are filled-in and that everything is in good order. We will organize the service with our car service company, and we will send you a confirmation message.

Your information will help us serving you efficiently! Please fill-in the form paying attention to detail!

(1) NAME. My name is:

(2) On which DATE do you need the car service?

(don't worry, we will not give it away, it is just to reply to you swiftly confirming the service):

(4) To which APARTMENT-PROPERTY the car service must bring you?
Please write down the EXACT ADDRESS. ONLY for this detail: if you don't
remember it we will write it for you, don't worry.

(5) NUMBER.   How many persons are you?

One           Two            Three          Four          Five          Six          Seven          Eight

(6)   What is the AGE of the persons?
       (to let us understand for ex. if there are babies, infants, old persons etc.)

(7)  Please clarify EXACTLY the LUGGAGE you have:


that passengers bring with them in the car (for ex. on the knees):     

(8) Which VEHICLE is suitable in your case?  

(A) A REGULAR Mercedes Deluxe sedan 

(groups up to 3 persons with a max. of NORMAL 3 suitcases and 3 small carry-on bags)

(B) A Mercedes or Chrysler SMALL VAN  

(groups up to 5 persons and a max. of 5 suitcases, and 5 small carry-on bags)


(groups up to 7- 8 persons and up to 10 suitcases and 10 small carry-on bags)

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION not to exceed the transport capacity of the cars, as it will be impossible then performing the car service, and also changing the car at the airport: in fact, the drivers start their service from their garage in Rome, not at the airport, which is far from town and which doesn't have garages!

(9) TRAIN STATION ARRIVAL (the return box is below after the airport arrival boxes, please fill also the return box if you need it, and to benefit from the discounts):


(10) AIRPORT ARRIVAL:   From what CITY/AIRPORT does your airplane start?

(11) What is the DEPARTURE TIME?

(12) If your flight is actually made of two legs or two flights, from what CITY / AIRPORT
does your second airplane start from?

(13) What is the DEPARTURE TIME of this second flight ?
(discard if there is no second flight)

(14) What AIRLINE COMPANY are you using, and what is the FLIGHT NUMBER?
[If you use two flights, please indicate only the details of the second flight, arriving in Rome]

(15) In which of TWO ROME AIRPORTS your airplane will land?


(also indicated as FCO, or "Leonardo da Vinci", or "Da Vinci", in airline tickets)

(also indicated as CNO or CIO in airline tickets)



(16) What is the LANDING - ARRIVAL TIME in Rome?

(17) Do you also want the RETURN car service FROM THE APARTMENT TO THE AIRPORT or to the TRAIN STATION (or to another destination)? In this case, please write the DETAILS of the return service in this box.

The driver will be ringing at your door bell at the time you indicate for the return car service.

IMPORTANT: If you want to cancel the return car service, you must do it within 48 hours before the day / time you indicate, or it will be billed to you nevertheless!


Thank you!

Please click "Submit" if you have ended filling in the form,
or "Reset" if you want to clear it and start all over again.

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