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Roman Castles: tour A: Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli's Villa d'Este. Roman Castles: tour B: Ancient Appian Way, Castelgandolfo, Lakes of Albano and Nemi, Grottaferrata, Roman Castles: tour C: like tour A with the addition of the Ancient Appian Way. Roman Castles: tour D: The lakes of Albano and Nemi, Castelgandolfo, Rocca di Papa, Monte Cavo and the Campi d'Annibale (Hannibal fields). Roman Castles: Grand Tour. It includes the visit to the highlights of all tours. A one day tour.

We prepare FIVE excursions:

TOUR A includes the visit to the magnificent Villa d'Este gardens with the hundreds fountains, and Emperor Hadrian's outstanding Villa.

Tivoli seen from Villa d'Este

Villa D'Este: the three central pools

The Villa was built over a Benedictine monastery in 1550 for Cardinal Ippolito d'Este, son of Lucrezia Borgia. The villa itself was designed by architect Pirro Ligorio, and includes frescoes and paintings by Correggio, da Volterrra and Perrin del Vaga. However the main attraction, the gardens, eclipse the villa with their hundreds fountains, elaborate, ingenious, built and designed state-of-the-art according to neo-classical patterns. They form an atmosphere of continuity with the ancient Greek-Roman world, in its quintessential element, water, which always attracted the people and the thinkers of the ancient world. The "Fontana dell'Organo Idraulico" used water to compress air and play tunes like an organ, another imitated the owl's song. Unfortunately they are not working anymore, while most fountains, and the three central pools, are well maintained. There is also the "Rometta", a miniature model of the Tiber Island in Rome, with the She-Wolf and several other buildings in the background. Finally, there are views of Rome, and also of the Sabini Mounts, from everywhere.

The excursion possibly includes a visit to Rocca Priora, the highest Roman Castle (768 Mt., app. 2,580 Ft.), passing through Monteporzio, and through impressive chestnut forests.



Rocca Priora
Rocca Priora

The tour possibly ends with a lunch in a characteristic restaurant in Rocca Priora, were the owners will prepare home-made specialties of the Roman Castles.
The tour begins at 8:30 am, you will be picked up and brought back to your apartment, and it lasts 4 / 5 hours.

The tours are prepared only for the clients of Roman Homes, renting fine vacation rentals. Please do not inquire if your are not a Roman Homes client.

for groups up to 4 persons 250 Euro app. 269 US$. The car will be a Mercedes Deluxe sedan.
for groups up to 6 person 285 Euro app. 306 US$. The car will be a Mercedes Van or Chrysler Van.
for groups up to 8 persons 340 Euro app. 366 US$. The car is a Mercedes Minibus.

The price does not include the cost of the lunch at the restaurant, which is though very convenient (app. 15-20 Euro //20-23 US$ per person), and the food is of high quality. You should also consider though also the time for the car service, billed 25-35 (app. 27 Euros - 38 Euro) per hour, depending on the car you use.

TOUR B includes the visit to the Ancient Appian Way, the original ancient road (built by consul Appio in 312 BC). It is now part of an archeological park (its map is shown to the right). The road was called by the ancient Romans Regina Viarum, Queen of the Roads, as it was by far the best built, and with the best environment. It was flanked by monuments, graves, villas, aqueducts, which can still be seen with the original Roman cobblestone.
[Map areas: Brown: Rome's historical centre. Pink: the round area within the ring, including modern Rome. Green: the park].

The tour includes also a visit to Castelgandolfo, which is the summer residence of the Pope, and also a visit to the beautiful Lakes of Albano and Nemi, moreover to Rocca di Papa, Grottaferrata and Frascati, two famous residential resorts surrounded by a beautiful green environment.

Finally, the tour ends just like Tour A, in a very characteristic restaurant in Rocca Priora (please read above).

The organization, the time to be picked up, the price is the same of Tour A, please read above.

Appian way Map of park The lake of Albano and Castelgandolfo St. Nile's Abbey in Grottaferrata Villa Aldobrandini
in Frascati
The residence of the Pope in Castelgandolfo

The lake of Albano with Castelgandolfo, seen from the Villa of Cardinale Colonna (built 1629), on the road to Rocca di Papa. Beyond the lake you can see Rome and the Tyrrhenean sea coast. On this site there is also an Abbey (of Palazzolo), and an ancient Roman aqueduct conveying water to Albano, probably the first town founded by the Latins. Notice the colours of the water: one can see all shades of green, emerald and blue, depending on the lake bed, the surrounding environment, the drifts, and sunlight.

One can clearly see the volcanic origin of the lake.

There are countless beautiful views. From the hills, there are also panoramic views of Rome, and of the Tirrenean sea beyond it.

Close-up of Castel Gandolfo, and of the Pope residence. Beyond the lake you can see Rome, and after it the Tirrenean sea

Part of the lake with the beach resorts. The 1960 Olympics rowing competitions were held here

Rocca di Papa, nested on the Monte Cavo, seen from the Tuscolo archeological area.
To the left of the little town, in the former crater of a large prehistoric volcanic area, one finds the fields and forests where Hannibal camped with his troups (Campi di Annibale).

Close-up of Monte Cavo (954 Mt. above s.l.). It is an inactive crater, also on the edge of another larger inactive crater transformed into beautiful fields (Campi di Annibale). On top of the mount there stood the famous ancient Temple of Latium Jupiter (Tempio di Giove Laziale).

TOUR C: It is the same of tour A, but it includes also the visit to the Ancient Appian Way and to the acqueduct Claudius while returning to Rome. The price is the same of Tour A, with a supplement of 40 Euros (app. 43 US$).

Aqueduct Claudius (37-58 AD) as it reaches Rome

TOUR D of the lakes, of the volcanoes, and of their scenic villages. It explores the lakes of Albano and Nemi, the villages of Castelgandolfo and Rocca di Papa, the panoramic volcanic area of Monte Cavo, and the Campi d'Annibale (Hannibal's fields). Price as above.

GRAND TOUR: It includes the visit to the highlights of all tours. A one day tour. The price is double.

The excursion includes the transportation only with comfortable cars and courteous English speaking and knowledgeable driver, not the entry tickets to visit the sights (which is economical), tourist guidance, meals etc.

TO BOOK or to enquire: Please write to info@romanhomes.com We will reply to you swiftly.

Upon request we can organize your transport to any other location or destination.



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